Praia do Costa

Praia for Purists.
Praia do Costa is an exclusive beach community located 20kms South of Ubatuba in the state of São Paulo, Brazil

Praia do Costa is a member of CLAY CAPITAL

About Praia do Costa

With crystal blue waters, white sandy shores, and a lush tropical backdrop, Praia do Costa is commonly referenced as one of the greatest beaches in Ubatuba. Praia do Costa is a small beach, barely 200 meters long, and protected on both sides by large rock formations and a leafy green canopy. The calm waters and shallow bay make it ideal for families, paddle boards, and the purists among us who love to just wade into the sea without a worry in the world.Because the beach is hidden from the main road, it is rare to find more than just a few other souls walking the shore. Often times, small boats come to stay in the protected bay, but Praia do Costa is still easily accessible by car and foot: Just 20km from the city of Ubatuba.

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Praia do Costa

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